USB Flash Drives and Micro SD Cards – Custom Programming, Shapes, Printing & Duplication

Programming: Diligent Media can custom program your USB drives and micro SD cards to bring your videos, PDFs, Web links and other content to life. Price is lower than you might think. Samples Programs

Duplication: We can custom print and duplicated your USB flash drives and micro SD cards and even make custom shapes (quantities as low as few as 100 units. Choose from a wide selection of styles and capacities.

Minimum quantities: 250 units and up.  

Pricing USB flash drive prices fluctuate frequently and sometimes by a lot. We price drives upon request, to get you the best, most accurate price. Quote.


Premium USB Drives

Recycled Cardboard
keychain Drive
Wood Flip


Wood Swing
Custom Shape
Custom Shape


Credit Card & Bracelet USB Drives

Credit Card


Standard USB Drives

Standard with Cap
Standard with Cap
Standard with Cap
Standard with Cap
Standard with Cap
Standard with Cap
Standard with Cap
Standard Swivel
Standard with Cap
Standard Push


Interactive Programming for your USB Drives.

Bring your USB drive content to life. Your videos, PDFs, images, Web links, Social Media are all served up to your customers with an easy-on-the-yes graphic interface. Runs around $300 and up. Samples:

Samples Programs



Copy Protection and License Control for Software, Video and Content.


ProtectUSB Content locks content such as HTML, PDF, Images, Videos, Flash, Epub, Video-DVD, etc. into secure encrypted containers which are then executed in a secure viewer module and are so protected from illegal copies.

The secure, encrypted container allows access to the content only if the protected USB stick is available. At the same time it blocks all unauthorized access attempts such as file copy or saving to hard disk.

Works with regular USB sticks – There is no special requirement besides that you need a Windows PC and of course a regular USB stick. The protected content is accessible on both Windows PCs and MacOSX computers.

Supports Windows and MacOSX – The locked content on the USB stick is completely self contained and does not install any drivers or require administrative privileges at any time.

USB stick verification or code unlock – You can allow executing the content directly from the USB stick or allow installing it. Unlocking can be performed by USB stick verification or entering an UnlockCode.



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