Templates for designing your art:

Templates (DVD and CD standard packaging and imprint templates)


DVD and Blu-ray Menu Setup Guide (Easily create reliable DVD and Blu-ray menu art with this brief setup guide)



Barcode UPC Need a UPC (barcode, Universal Product Code) for your product? Diligent Media can provide you with a UPC and create the barcode art, or your can purchase your own number from GS1 (formerly the Uniform Code Council). GS1 is a great resource for learning more about UPCs. Some large retailers (e.g., Wal-Mart and Kroger) require you purchase your own UPC series directly from GS1.)


Copy Protection:

MacrovisionRovi Copy Protection with CopyBlock, RipGuard and ACP. Reduce unauthorized DVD and VHS copying. Diligent Media is a licensed Macrovision ACP and RipGuard provider. Courtesy of Macrovsion Corporation:

RipGuard makes it possible for content providers to make their products available to customers in a timely and cost-effective manner while significantly reducing the creation of illegal copies. DVD content protected with RipGuard dramatically reduces the ripping of copyrighted content. DeCSS software that breaks the CSS encryption found on DVDs is widely available. You can’t depend on it to protect your valuable assets. RipGuard protects against most DeCSS ripping procedures, making it impractical for all but the most determined to violate their license agreement.

Pyramid of Determination While no encryption method is 100 percent foolproof, the goal of a good security solution is to deter the majority of violators. Between 85 to 95 percent of all consumers lack the patience and the technical know-how to break through the extra layer of protection RipGuard provides, causing them to give up on making illegal copies. Often, casual users end up purchasing the DVD content they were trying to copy. Only 5 percent of users have the knowledge and determination required to break through the RipGuard protection and decrypt the underlying CSS. These individuals represent a small subset of the total population and are not likely to buy content at any cost. RipGuard deters more than 90 percent of all users, leading to a more fair return on your investment.   RipGuard

With ACP, you can add a signal to the outgoing video stream, allowing you to impact copying of your content through analog interfaces. In addition to the threat of consumers ripping DVD content to a PC for later burning or sharing, content creators and owners must also be concerned with direct analog recordings. In these cases, no computer is necessary—a simple video cable that connects the source DVD player to the destination device is all that is required to make a copy that, within seconds, can be uploaded to the internet and distributed over peer-to-peer networks.